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Small tweaks for big impact

These small tweaks will deliver a big impact.

If we can think about building up our body like we build up a house we have to do it a brick at a time. The more focus that goes into laying each brick, and building the foundation, the larger and more solid the house will be. We want to build a brick sh*thouse.

Building size and strength is all about the process. It takes time but if you take this approach the outcomes will exceed your expectations.

Here’s the idea: Focus on the quality of the movements.

There’s a lot of questionable repping happening in gyms when you start looking around. The more time you spend in gyms the more you notice those ego lifters always look the same. 5 years from now they will have the same 10 inch arms.

  1. Slow your movements down. Build a better connection with how you are controlling the movement. This will help you recruit more of the muscle fibers, create more muscular damage and ultimately put on more size.

  2. Pay attention to the range you’re using. If you are limiting the range of movement in your lifts just to use heavier weights, you’re missing the benefit of the movement. The goal is to take the muscle through a complete range from stretched to contracted. The better you do that the better the results.

  3. Concentrate on the contraction you’re making in the muscle. Don’t be distracted when you’re training. Remember you’re there to get results, not messing around. Pay attention to every rep you do and you will be more efficient at driving change, get results faster, and progress further.

If you can make every rep count, with tempo, range and focus you will get the results you want faster and eclipse every ego lifter in the gym. Lay each brick carefully, and build the foundation for your brick shithouse.


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